Roxanne SmolenSHORT:
Roxanne Smolen is a writer, editor, and publisher in Coral Springs, Florida.

Roxanne Smolen is a leading professional in the writing industry. She is a sought-after writing instructor and editor whose tireless efforts help other authors reach their dreams of publication. She co-founded the Coral Springs Writers Workshop and was a contributor there for over twenty years. She is a prolific writer with twelve published novels. She also writes a line of children’s books with her granddaughters and a series of how-to-write books with her fellow members of the Coral Springs Writers Workshop. Roxanne has been married to her high school sweetheart, Gregory, for 40+ years and has two children. You can connect with her on  TwitterFacebook, and Google+.

Roxanne Smolen was born in Detroit, the eldest daughter of five children. She learned to read at an early age and read voraciously, be it classic novels, comic books, or cereal boxes.  As a child, her summers were spent on her aunt’s farm, a devout woman who encouraged her to read the Bible. Smolen became obsessed with Revelation and the apocalypse. She turned to science in an attempt to explain the phenomenon. Along the way, she discovered science fiction. She was drawn to stories about the end of the world but soon branched off to outer space and a limitless future. She decided to become an astronaut. But reality intervened. She married right out of high school and started a family. When her children were school-aged, she enrolled in Wayne State University, intent on becoming a scientist. However, she took a course in creative writing, and it became her passion. She decided if she couldn’t visit the stars in person, she would do it page by page. Yet again, life took another turn. Smolen was diagnosed with a genetic eye disease and lost her vision. Her husband gave her one year to mope and feel sorry for herself. Then he sent her to a local Lighthouse of the Blind to learn how to use a computer without looking. She has since written twelve novels in the science fiction realm, ranging from sci-fi to urban fantasy. She also writes chapter books for middle grade girls with her granddaughters. Her underlying themes are always the same. Believe in yourself. And never give up.


I have lived on countless planets and have seen amazing things, and I write it all down for your entertainment.


ABOUT YOUR BOOK'S SETTING 2014 978-1500932824

ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME 2014 978-1500916305

ABOUT YOUR WRITER'S BLOCK 2014 978-1500916053

ABOUT YOUR BOOK TITLE 2014 978-1500915865

HOW TO FORMAT YOUR NOVEL 2016 978-1522989486


MINDBENDER 2013 ISBN 978-14826668-9-2

SATAN'S MIRROR 2014 ISBN 978-09915673-0-0

THE AMAZING WOLF BOY 2014 ISBN 978-09915673-1-7

WEREWOLF ASYLUM 2014 ISBN 978-09915673-2-4

WOLFSBANE BREW 2014 ISBN 978-09915673-3-1

WEREWOLF APOCALYPSE 2015 ISBN 978-09915673-4-8

ALIEN WORLDS 2016 ISBN 978-09915673-5-5

ALIEN JUNGLE 2016 ISBN 978-09915673-6-2

ALIEN SEAS 2016 ISBN 978-09915673-7-9

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