Seduced. Sold. Now Running for Her Life.
On an alien planet, a sixteen-year-old girl is sold
into prostitution by her newlywed husband and must
commit unspeakable acts in her effort to find a way home.

My novel, Resort Debauch, is about a naïve, self-centered, tantrum-prone teenager who is also one of the richest people in the galaxy. I placed her on a world owned by the Resort Debauch, a playground for bored rich folk, where the planet’s original inhabitants are debased and made to live in squalor. I stripped away her riches, her power, even her beautiful hip-length hair and watched her grow from a spoiled child to the leader of a rebellion.

Resort Debauch turned out to be more than a coming-of-age romance. The story spanned a decade, and it took three books to tell it properly. Now, for the first time, all three books are in one, so you can settle back and immerse yourself in this decadent world. 

***** A must read for fans of sci-fi adventure.



Character Sketch - Mortar Thielman

Often when you create characters for your novel, a minor player turns out to have a backstory as rich and convoluted as the protagonist's. Such is the background of Mortar Thielman of my Resort Debauch trilogy.

Mortar was a smuggler. He lived with his lover and business partner, Surah Rudnitsky. With their wide-reaching web of contacts, they strove to build a felonious empire. But Mortar fell in love with Mari, who encouraged him to leave his nefarious ways.

Surah saw everything she’d worked toward slipping away. Her many attempts to split them up failed. In desperation, she grabbed the first man she saw, became pregnant, and told Mortar the child was his.

This was astounding news. Mortar came from a world of quick-thinking, highly intelligent people. Like him, they were of short stature and had white hair. But their world was poisoning them, making them infertile. Each generation saw a decline in offspring until there was only a few thousand of his race left.

Mortar never expected to have a child, and he was thrilled. But part of him was suspicious. He had the baby’s DNA checked. When he learned the baby wasn’t his, he left Surah and married Mari. Under Mari’s firm hand, he became a legitimate businessman and, five years later, built his empire. Adding to that, Mari bore a daughter, a diminutive girl with white hair whom they named Anneliese.

Surah never married. She raised her son on vitriol. He grew up believing he had been cheated all his life and that everything Anneliese had should be his.

That’s where the story begins.

Did You Know...

When I was young, I used to thumb through my father's National Geographic magazines and imagine traveling the world. Once I saw a photo of a woman in a cage with her hand snaking out through the bars. I was horrified. Why was she there? What was she feeling? The image haunted my adolescent dreams and eventually inspired the environment for my story, Resort Debauch.